Mother Nature Strikes Back

So yesterday, I wrote a fun-filled post about the drama of California weather. A few hours later, the weather struck back. I don’t know if it was actually the rain that caused it. It could have been one of those wayward drivers. I vaguely recall hearing sirens, but then it was raining, there are always sirens. I had just finished watching White Christmas and was checking my email before bedtime when suddenly there was a loud crack and all the lights in the house went out. My computer monitor remained lit, however, and I was extremely grateful for my back-up battery.

For about a minute.

While I was still processing what had just happened, the battery went beep, beep, beep, just to let me know that the power was out and it was now running my computer. The point of the back-up battery, of course, is to give you a chance to shut down your computer safely. It takes this job very seriously. It wants you to know the power is out.

Even when you no longer care.

I got ready for bed by monitor light before shutting the computer down to protect it from any further surges. The room started to get a little chilly because even though the furnace is gas, the thermostat that runs it is electric.

The back-up battery went beep, beep, beep.

Now there’s supposed to be a way to shut that off, but the battery is way behind the desk, it’s totally dark and I have a sprained (formerly broken) foot. Even if I knew which button to push, I wasn’t really fond of the idea of going back there to find it. But the battery is only supposed to last twenty minutes or so. I can wait it out.

So I went to bed.

Kind of nice actually. Totally dark, snuggled down in the warm blankets, light rain pattering on the leaves outside.

Beep, beep, beep.

Damn it.

Yes, I know the power is out. The computer is shut down. I’m in bed. Please stop beeping.

The only response was three plaintive beeps in the darkness.

This continued forever. Every time I heard the beeps, I was sure it would be the last time.

It wasn’t.

Then suddenly the battery went crazy, its last dying message a loud constant stream of beeping so loud I had to leave my warm, comfy bed and take refuge in another room. So there I was huddled on the living room couch, freezing cold, in the dark, waiting for the damn thing to die.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep…beep….beep…..beep.

And silence.

Thank goodness. I stumbled back to bed.

That was when the cable modem battery which was attached to the back-up battery realized that the power had gone out.

Beep, beep, beep.

Luckily, it had a mute button.


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