Long-Leggedly Beasties

One of the spiders in the bathroom is expecting.  I’m sure your first question is “How do you know a spider is pregnant?” and your second is “How many spiders do you have in your bathroom anyway?”

I’ll answer the second question first since the first is just a matter of biology and the second seems to imply serious mental illness.  I’m not some crazy spider lady with a bathroom full of black widows.  No, I kill black widows, the same as everybody else.  But I have a symbiotic relationship with the long-leggedly cellar spiders.  They keep my bathroom from being overrun by ants; in return, I don’t kill them.  Well, not on purpose anyway.  We do have the occasional shower accident where I don’t realize some poor spider has been lounging in the bathtub until I see her swirling down the drain.  Also, one or two came to an unfortunate end after making the fatal decision to hide inside the fold of a bath towel on laundry day.  But other than that, I leave them alone.

How many are there?  Right now, there seem to be two.  When we are in full-on ant infestation mode, I’ve had as many as five show up to chomp down on the annoying little critters.  They just camp above the ant trail and pick off the juiciest ones.  Or maybe it’s the slowest ones.  Or the ones who forgot to bring their trail buddy along.  Something.  I just know they choose and then they pounce, just like a cat.

Except with that wrapping things up with a web thing at the end.

So if you want a pesticide-free answer to finding ants in your toothbrush (and your sink and your towel and the clothes you left drying on the shower rod), I highly recommend cellar spiders.

Anyway, the six-legged one (cellar spiders have major leg loss issues) is now carrying around an egg sac.  I’m sure there was a boyfriend involved at some point.  She may have eaten him after.  They’re not particularly romantic.

I was going to take a picture of her, but apparently she sensed the approach of the paparazzi and took off.

I hope she’s not hiding in the towel.


3 thoughts on “Long-Leggedly Beasties

  1. Oh, neither do I. I have to admit that most spiders give me the heebie-jeebies, but once I realized that the cellar spider idea of self-defense is to hang upside and spin wildly in a circle, I’ve found them more entertaining than frightening.

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