Not the Website You Were Looking For

I want to publicly apologize to the two innocent schoolchildren who were hoping to find some information on the real Oregon Trail during the Wikipedia blackout yesterday and found themselves on my blog instead. I had two search engine hits. One for “where did the Oregon Trail end” (umm…I’m going to guess Oregon) and one for “Oregon trail death.”

I can see them trying to explain their research to their teacher. “But Mrs. Gardner, nobody died on the Oregon Trail. The website said that Trail Bucks were able to bring them back to life.”

Just for the record, the Oregon Trail did end in Oregon although many settlers fanned out from the original trail to go to other places like Utah and California, and, according to the real Wikipedia, no one knows the actual number of deaths along the trail, but they could run as high as 16,000.

Glad I could help.


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