The Wasteland in My Head

So this is what the inside of my head looks like right now. Well, sort of like that, only with more mucus involved. Okay, okay, it’s really a picture of Mammoth Lakes. The part where the poisonous volcano gases have killed all the trees. No, really. There are signs all over saying that if you go past that point, you will be overcome by fumes and die.

So, of course, everyone has to stop at that spot and take a picture.

Supposedly if you stay on the road, you will be safe, but how do they actually know that? I mean, if I‘m a deadly poisonous volcanic gas, I doubt a frail little piece of caution tape is going to contain me.

But I’m contrary like that.

Needless to say, I did not die when I took this photo. But it was probably just because the wind was right.



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