Teetering Through Texas


So hoping your foot is not broken is no substitute for actually seeing a doctor.  Who will lecture you about waiting two months to get an x-ray.  And put you back into a boot.

Even though you are going to Texas in two days.

But Brian was a trooper and rented me a wheelchair.  Here are the top ten things I learned traveling around the Texas State Fair in a wheelchair.

1. It is totally possible to roll a wheelchair around the livestock barns.

2. You will accidentally grab the manure-covered wheel instead of the steering ring no matter how much you try not to.

3. Friendly strangers will push your chair through the ladies room into the handicapped stall.

4. Your chair will end up facing the wall behind the toilet and you will have no idea how to get from one to the other.

5. Sometimes you have to circle an entire building to find the handicapped ramp.

5.  Wheelchairs were not meant for off-roading.

6.  Sometimes you feel guilty because Brian has to push you up hills in the heat.

8.  Sometimes you feel terrified because he has let go of the handles and is walking beside you while the chair flies downhill unguided.

9.  Always go to the doctor immediately after an injury.

10.  So you don’t have to go to Texas in a damn boot.


6 thoughts on “Teetering Through Texas

  1. I tripped on a gargoyle. I had moved him aside when I was cleaning, sort of beside the doorway around a blind corner, and I forgot he was there.

    Yes, the fair was fun. I had some fried jambalaya which was good but pricey.

  2. Grabbing the manure covered wheel… lol sorry, but that’s too funny. Sounds like Brian had more fun with you in the chair than you did. :>

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