So I saved a life today.

It was a very small life, but I think it still counts. I turned on the water in the shower without checking first and, sure enough, a very young cellar spider was caught in the flood waters.

Obviously the preggers one has given birth.

Anyway, the poor thing is floating toward the drain of doom, so I turn off the water and grab a piece of toilet tissue to try and dip it out of the water.  It won’t catch hold so I end up just sort of nudging it to drier ground.

And it laid there in a little heap of tangled limbs.

I studied it a moment, trying to decide if additional lifesaving measures were required or whether I had been too late.  One tiny little leg lifted up and waved around feebly.

Okay, still alive.

But this tiny bundle of legs is not only fragile, it’s wet, and now it is glued to the side of the bathtub.  I wasn’t going to grab it by the leg because A) it’s a spider, come on, I’m not going to actually touch it and B) cellar spider legs come off if you look at them funny.  I was not going to half-drown the poor thing and then pluck off one of its limbs.

I get a dry piece of toilet tissue and try to encourage the waving leg to latch on.  It doesn’t.  I try to scouch it onto the tissue, but it doesn’t scouch.  I can’t just pick it up with the tissue or I’ll get nothing but a smudge on the paper.

Then it manages to get another leg free of the wet porcelain.  I shove the edge of the tissue under the legs and one of them catches hold.  Thank goodness.  I mean, it’s all well and good to be kind to living things, but I really need to take a shower.  So I lift it up out of the tub and set it, tissue and all, on the back of the toilet.  It still looks pretty wet and soggy.  But I’m not doing CPR on a spider so we’ll see what happens when I get out of the shower.  There are four choices: die anyway, fall in the toilet, get eaten by the bigger spider that lives behind the sink or magically disappear (which could actually mean two or three, but if I don’t see a body, I don’t have to feel bad about it.)

It was gone when I opened the shower curtain.

I hope it didn’t end up as a snack.